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Stacked Bob Hairstyle


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A stacked bob was a popular hairstyle that was started during the 1920s. It is created with a taper around the perimeter of your hairstyle to make the hair lay with the shape of your head. The hair around your neckline will be kept close and it should be straight to wavy. The crown of your head will have more fullness and the back of a stacked bob will be more tapered. This hairstyle is slightly more versatile when compared to the inverted bob, as it can be worn with any type of hair.
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This hairstyle will look similar to a layered bob without a distinct shape or a precise angle cut inside the perimeter. The sections of your hair will look stacked on top of one another and it will also add more volume as well as weight to the hair. It can be created to emphasize certain features of your face or elongate the neck. This style can add more volume to a thin hair and also control difficult hair. The back layers of a stacked bob will start at the nape of your neck and then become shorter towards top of your crown. One of the most simple method of creating this style is to cut the perimeter and lower the sections of hair at the at the nape area and then comb your hair out. Next hold the hair at a 45 degree angle with a 45 degree cutting method.
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