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Superside Midi Hairstyle


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A superside midi hairstyle is a perfect choice if you are planning to keep your hair medium to short. In this hairstyle, there will be layers that will be cut in a jagged and choppy fashion along with a deep side part on both the sides of your head. You can add more flair to your straight hairstyle by having choppy layers. Try to get the features that you want to emphasize and also cover the opposite side of your head by just parting the hair. This can help the majority of longer layers to lie on a side of the head. Long and choppy bangs will be swooped to a side and sometimes they will cover one eye.
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This hairstyle can be worn tousled, straight and also blow dried. It can be sprayed with a generous amount of hairspray all over to get a disheveled look. Try to curl the layers into ringlets and also curl the ends under or out to create a completely different look. Apply a little amount of texturizing cream all over after washing your hair for two weeks to keep the style in place. Try to get help from an hairstylist to make this style look perfect and if you are trying to create this hairstyle at home your may take some time to get the locks into the desired look. Try to get rid of broken ends on your hair to keep the locks in good condition.
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