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Bleaching A Brown Hair


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Most of the women with brunette hair will try to experiment to have blond hair to make it look unique. This can be done by only bleaching your hair and it is very important to be careful while bleaching a brown hair. The color of the hair may change to brassy orange color, rather than blond if you fail to follow a proper method and it could also damage the hair.
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To begin the styling, first wear hand gloves to protect it from the bleach. Then mix the liquid hair peroxide and hair bleach powder only in a plastic bowl. Next comb the hair with a brush to get rid of tangles, so the bleach can reach all the strands of your hair. Now drape a towel on your shoulders and start applying bleach mixture from tips of the hair. Apply the bleach mixture to your roots at last avoid using the bleach directly on the scalp. Your hair color will start to develop when it gets to the shade and avoid leaving the bleach mixture for more than sixty minutes as it can damage your hair. After getting the desired shade wash your hair and apply an intensive conditioner. Leave the hair as it is for five minutes before rinsing which can repair any minor damage that was caused by the bleach. Use a towel to dry your hair and avoid using dryer as the heat produced by them can damage the hair.
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