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Jenny McCarthy With Pompadour Hairstyle


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Jenny McCarthy has got a Pompadour hairstyle which is very unique way of styling the hair. The Pompadour became popular during the 1950s where most of the male celebrities used to wear it and in the present time there are many celebrities both men and women who also wear this style to completely unique. It is very easy to achieve this style and you can just follow these simple steps to create it at home.
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To start the styling, wash your hair and keep it damp. Then spread a little amount of pomade in your hand and rub it in between your hands to produce heat which can make it is easier to apply into your hair. Spread the pomade to the hair by slicking the sides of the hair towards the back of your head with your hands and apply rest of the pomade on top of the hair in a same way by just working the pomade from back to front. Now you can create the pompadour hairstyle by using a hair brush by combing the hair back on both the side of your head. Try to keep the hair tight on the scalp and then select a side on top of your head to comb it diagonally while lifting the hair up with your comb to create more height. At last flick your wrist at the end to make few hairs to curl down in front of the forehead.
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