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Voluminous Looped Bun


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Hairstyle with voluminous looped bun can be a perfect choice for special events from casual to prom or wedding. It is a simple and versatile style which takes only a few simple steps to achieve. There are many celebrities who like to wear a simple looped bun, but having a voluminous looped bun can make them look completely unique with just few additional steps. It is very easy to create this style, but make sure the length of the hair long to create it voluminously.
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To begin the styling, first wash the hair and condition it carefully. Then brush the hair to get rid of any tangles and spread a little amount of hair gel in your hands to apply it all over the hair control the frizzes. Next take your hair up to create a ponytail and then slide a hair band around the base to secure it tightly. Make sure to keep the hair damp during the styling to achieve the hairstyle easily. Start rolling the ponytail under into a loop and try to keep it neat as well as smooth. Secure the loop with bobby pins or hair clips leaving out small strands of hair to cover the hair band only if required. Then wrap the strands of your hair around the band and secure it underneath the bun. At last spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray to keep the hairstyle secure in place.
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