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Gyaru Hairstyle


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A Gyaru hairstyle is one of the edgiest and craziest style that is worn by the teenagers. It has many various subsets and none suits a shrinking violet. This hairstyle is usually associated with the women who require confidence as well as brash attitude. In this style there will be big curls, long hair and sometimes a beehive updo. There are few ways of wearing this hairstyle in the present day which includes curled bob, mode bun and also with mode hair accessories. Here is one of the method that be followed to create a Gyaru hairstyle.
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Start the hairstyle by washing your hair as usual and condition it properly. Then take the entire hair to create a ponytail with a chunky scrunchie. Use a scarf to wrap around the scrunchie if you have a thin hair and secure it with bobby pins. Next tease the hair with a comb to create a more textured loose bun tease the hair from outside with the comb. To create a sleeker bun, tease the hair from inside. Now your hair must look fully teased and fluffy. Divide the section of hair and roll it over. Secure the rolled over section with hair pins and use the same process on the other parts of the hair. At last pin the final section and pull out few strands to create a messy look. Synthetic hair of different colors is often used to make this hairstyle unique.
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