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Long Mohawk Hairstyle


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A long Mohawk hairstyle is one of the most unique way of styling the hair which can change your look completely. It is an easier hairstyle that can be achieved with proper styling products such as hair glue and pomade. In most cases, the hair will be shaved on the sides and there will be long spikes in the middle.
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To get this style, first wash the hair a day before the styling process as a newly washed hair will be lighter and frizzier. Start spreading hair glue all over the hair from tips to root by turning the head upside down and covering the entire hair. Next shape your hair into a Mohawk from the top of your head near the temples. Now flatten the hands and then place each palm at each temple. Gently move the hands toward the tip of your hair by flattening the hair together in a Mohawk shape. The hair must have a fin-like spike down the middle of your head. Apply a little amount of pomade to the sides of your head to make the smaller pieces of hair to push up into the Mohawk. Finally mist all over the hair with a good amount of hairspray to end the styling process. Keep the head upside down to blowdry your hair until it becomes completely stiff which is very important in this styling process. The long Mohawk usually will be stiff from root to tip.
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