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Hairstyle With Asymmetrical Bob


asymmetrical bob asymmetrical bob2
Asymmetrical Bob is a reinvented version of a classic bob which has been popular since 1920s. This hairstyle is mostly liked many celebrities who want to cut their hair into a bob. In this hairstyle, the hair will be longer over a side of your head when compared to the other side and the sections of your hair will be cut in a different length.
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Begin the styling process after washing your hair with a shampoo and then condition it. Then make a center part over top of your head with a comb and separate it from your crown and down to nape of your neck. Next section the hair when it is still damp from one ear to another and take a part from back of the ear to secure it using hair clips. Now take small section of your hair from the left side of your neck and try to point cut the hair to the necessary length. Cut each section of hair diagonally by using length of  previous part as an example. Use the same method over the right side of your head to cut the hair. Now comb the top section of hair by directing them behind your ears and then divide into parts to cut it into chin length. Finally use distance between outer corners from the eyes to create asymmetrical bangs. Divide front part of your hair and start cutting the hair diagonally with the same point-cut method.
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