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Bihawk Hairstyle


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A bihawk hairstyle is one of the most unique way of creating a hairstyle. This style would easily look attractive on anyone who wears it. It is considered to be a perfect alternative to a Mohawk hairstyle. In this hairstyle, a swath of hair will stand straight up on a bald or a very short-haired head. There will be two streaks which will be positioned off-center on both side of the center extending from front hairline to the back. The rest of your head can be shaved around the bihawk or cut it short.
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To create this style, first divide two rows of hair from front hairline to back of your scalp. Choose the same spot to start from — such as aligned with the middle of each pupil or the outside of each iris — on both the right and left sides to achieve symmetry. Begin with one inch wide section of the hair on both side by adding more hair for a wider bihawk rows. Try to alter the lines by including more or less hair to keep it straight and symmetrical. Secure small sections of the bihawk using small rubber band and try to twist the section before using the rubber band. After securing the hair, there must be about six sections of hair on both the side. Use electric clippers to shave your hair which is not secured with the rubber band and shave the hair regularly to stay in the look.
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