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Flip Hair With Curling Iron


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A flipped hairstyle can give a very beautiful look for anyone with medium to long hair. There are different ways that can be followed in creating a flipped hairstyle which can be both easy as well as difficult. Using a curling iron to flip the hair is one of the most simple and easy way which is usually followed by most of the women. Try to get the proper styling tool and follow the correct method while creating this hairstyle to avoid damage the hair.
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To flip your hair with a curling iron, first wash the hair and condition it. Then brush the hair to get rid of knots and spread a little amount of straightening cream. Next blow-dry the hair straight with a round brush and try to flip the ends slightly by rolling it away from the face. Slightly roll one inch sections of hair away from the face and leave it for about two seconds while flipping the hair out. Start brushing each flips out and away from your face with the brush and use the finger to loosen it up. Continue the brushing process until you achieve the desired flip. Use the same process on all other sections of the hair and wherever you like to create some flip styling. At last spritz a little amount hairspray all over the hair and spread a small amount of shine serum by rubbing it in between your palms before applying.
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