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Faux Mohawk Hairstyle


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A Faux Mohawk is a hairstyle that is usually worn by men and in the present day there are many women who wear this style to get a unique look. In the normal Mohawk hairstyle, the sides of the head are usually shaved by leaving a spiky row of hair in the middle and in a Faux Mohawk there is no need to shave your head as it mainly on using the styling products to spike the hair.
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Begin the styling by applying a little amount of hair gel all over. Then pull the hair up at the roots to make it stand up and both sides coming to a peak in the middle creating a ridge. Rake your hair on top of the head straight up and then twist individual strands to create a spike. Next smoothen the hair on both sides of your head under the spiky faux hawk ridge and against the head. Use a blow dryer to set the hair in place so it doesn’t stay up on its own. You can also use iron on small sections of the hair by pulling the hair straight up. Now try to shape the faux hawk using your fingers and spike the top portion. Arrange the spikes with your fingers as per you desire and smoothen the hair on both sides of your head down again. At last mist your hair with a little amount of hairspray to get into the look.
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