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Patra With Afro Braid


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Afro Braid is one of the most worn hairstyle among the African women and it is also liked by few celebrities such as Patra who wears it on regular basis. There are few people who would like to have this style because it consumes lot of time when compared to other hairstyles. It is a very low maintenance style that is created once can stay on the head for a long period of time than the other hairstyles. This style can also last for about three months depending on the length of the braid you are going to have.
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To create the hairstyle, take a small part of your hair in front of the head in a two inch by two inch square. Then divide the hair into three strands and use the first strand to pass it under second strand. Next send that strand on the third strand and pass third strand over second. Again send second one over the first strand and continue to pass each strand on each other until you reach the end in the same manner. At last hold the end of your hair in place with a rubber band. Once you start wearing this style, it is very important to maintain it which involves a simple process. Try to moisturize your hair regularly and don’t use gel or any hairspray. Wash your hair with a shampoo and then deep conditioning it at least once a month.
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