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Taper Fade Hairstyle


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A taper fade hairstyle is a short and layered haircut that is usually worn by African American men as it requires less maintenance. There are few women who wear this hairstyle to look completely unique and it is also considered to be a low maintenance hairstyle.
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To create this style, first include the highest guard on clippers you are going to use and cut the sides as well as back of the hair. Try to change the guards from highest to smallest until you get maximum length that is need to the haircut. Brush the excess of hair and cut it with the guard to the next lowest guard. Try to stop the stroke where you like to start the taper.  Try to go all the way around your head and comb the hair downward. Now use the next lowest guard to cut your hair and end the stroke between 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch from first cut. Maintain a straight line to keep the taper fade in a straight way and brush the hair downward. Continue to switch out the guard to cut 1/8 inch from the last line and comb the hair downward as usual until you reach the bottom of the taper. Finally rinse out your hair and then brush it well until you see the taper fade and in case there are mistakes, begin the cutting process again with highest guard that was used before you started the taper fade.
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