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Hairstyle With Smooth Layers


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Creating smooth layers in your hair can give a nice texture and dimension to the hairstyle you are going to have. It is easy to cut layers in your hair at home without going to a saloon. It is easy to create a layered look without putting any effort and even spending money.
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Begin the styling process by washing and conditioning your hair as usual. Use a towel to dry the hair and keep the hair slightly damp. Comb your hair to get rid of any tangles and use a detangler only if required. Next flip the head forward to brush it gently. Collect the hair to create a ponytail on top of your crown and secure the hair atop your crown using an elastic hair band. Hold the ponytail in your hand cut the hair about one inch from the end of the ponytail. Try to cut the hair slowly and then cut off only few inches at a time. Use hair cutting shears and then grasp the end of the ponytail in your index and middle finger. Take the end of the hair through your fingers and start cutting as per your desire. Cut your hair across by using the fingers as a guide for a straight cut. Leave the hair from the ponytail to examine the results and comb out the hair to make the layers fall down. Pull the hair back to cut off a few more inches for a shorter hair.
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