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Braided Pigtails


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Braided pigtails are one of the most simple way of styling your hair to get a attractive look. This hairstyle will balance the weight of your braid on both sides of the head, which is can look great if you have a long or thick hair.
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To create this hairstyle, first you must comb your hair vertically down the center back of the head and from the crown down to the base of your neck. Rearrange the parts as required to keep relatively equal amounts of hair. Hold each section above the ear with a hair elastic band wrapped a few times around the hair which will help to create form pigtails on both side of your head. Then separate one pigtail into three parts such as right, center and left in equal size. Start crossing the right section of your hair over the middle to make the right part as a new middle section. Next cross the left section of hair over the middle section to make the left section as new middle section. Continue to cross right section over middle section and left section over middle until you get reach the end of the pigtail. Hold the braid using a hair elastic band wrapped around bottom of your braid. Separate the other pigtail into three sections and start braiding it in the same manner and then secure the bottom of your braid with one hair elastic band to end the styling process.
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