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Undershave Haircut


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An undershave haircut is considered to be more extreme version of an undercut hairstyle in where the sides and back of your head are completely shaved down to the scalp. This style is very popular in punk and Goth subcultures. It is also liked by skaters and metalheads as they grow their hair on top past the shoulder length and leave the sides as well as back shaved. This hairstyle can be worn by both men and women. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this style.
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It is one of the simplest easy way to achieve this hairstyle at home by getting help from a friend. Begin the hairstyling after washing your hair as it can help to make it easier to divide, stretch and cut the hair. Try to divide your hair into layers which can be placed anywhere in the front, sides or at the back of your head. Try to create many just two layers or more than that. Start cutting the bottom layer of your hair and in case if you are having more than two layers such as at the bottom and top keep each layer longer than last, but shorter than next. The length and number of layers will vary by desired style. In some cases this hairstyle will allow the longer hair to curl on the shorter hair just under it which will provide a lighter look that is considered to be very easy to manage.
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