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Hairstyle With Half Up Bun


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Creating a hairstyle with half up bun can give a completely unique look for anyone who wears it. It is a perfect choice for special events such as wedding, etc. There are lots of celebrities who wear like this style as it can give a great look when compared to a basic hair bun. After creating the hairstyle, try to match it with a proper dress.
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It is very simple and easy to achieve this hairstyle, first wash and blow your hair. The direction of the airflow must go down the hair shaft for getting the smooth and straight look. Hold the blow dryer above the head by sitting in a chair and end it with a blast of cold air. Start curling the hair with a wide-barreled half inches or curling iron. Try to create large ringlets over your head and separate the curls using your fingers to get a looser, messier look. Tease top half of the hair with a paddle brush by pushing down the whole length of your hair toward the root. This will add more volume to the hair which will make it easy to create a ponytail. Smooth the top and sides of the head with a brush to prevent bumps or flyaways. Now wrap the ponytail to create a bun and secure it by using hairpins. You can also use any styling accessories such as a hair clips or flowers to make this style look more attractive.
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