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High Top Fade Hairstyle


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High top fade hairstyle is a variation of the military flat top which became popular in 1980s among African-American males. It is also worn by some of the women to look completely unique. In this hairstyle, the sides and back will be cut very close to your scalp and then it will slowly become longer toward the top of your head. The hair on top of the head used to be long to look like a top-hat.
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To create the hairstyle, cut the long hair from around the ears and base of back of the head. Use electric hair clippers to buzz the hair around your ears and back of your head with lowest setting. Try to create the fade look that is extremely short around your ears to get a smooth transition on high-top part of your hair. Use a comb through the hair and secure the section in the teeth of a comb at an angle which must get wider as you get closer to the top. Use the clippers and comb to clip your hair that comes out. Use this fading process around the head and the hair must even all the way around. Comb the remaining hair straight up and spread a little amount of hair gel all over the hair to hold it in place. Now trim the top of stacked hair and around the entire sculpture to keep the hair even. Try to use both clippers and scissors to create this hairstyle.
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