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Hairstyle With Senegalese Twist


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A Senegalese twist is an advanced form of the cornrows which provides a unique look than the regular cornrow braid. It is a Senegalese version of the braid which is created with the doubling up technique. This style will have tight cornrows along with some extra coil at the bottom of the twisted strand.
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To get this style, first take a strand of hair which is straight and free of knots along with medium thickness. Then brush the hair using a regular or rat-tailed comb. Next divide the strand from root by clipping the hair strand a couple of centimeters away from root. Secure the strand tightly using a clip to twist the strand out of your scalp. Start twisting the strand just like a piece of rope which will start to double up on itself by creating a second layer of the twists on already existing twisted strand. Fold the strand into half and stop twisting it by keeping a finger in the middle of the hair strand. Fold the strand into half by taking the tip over the finger and then back toward the root. Fold the strand to create a braid like structure using the loop at the end of the hair and continue to twist it until you reach the second level of braiding. Secure the strand around your finger to make it stay coiled in place. At last clamp your strand near the root with permanent band.
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