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Jessica Simpson With Triple Braid


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Jessica Simpson has got a beautiful triple braid that is the best way of styling the hair for any special events. This style is mostly worn by kids and it is also liked by adults as it can give a completely new look. It will look very unique and there is no need for any hair accessories to include with this style. There are only few celebrities who have been seen wearing this as it need lot of practice to achieve it on your own and it is also time consuming. Here are few methods that can help you to create a triple braid.
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Make sure you have a lengthy hair or the hair must be at least medium in length as the braids cannot be achieved with the hair that is too short. Wash the hair using a shampoo and condition it to start the styling process. Then blow dry your hair as straight as possible. Take two inch section of hair from front of the hairline and push it a little upward toward to the right side of your head. Hold the hair in place with bobby pins and then take another two inch section above your right ear to divide it into smaller bunches. Braid the hair by twisting all the sections each other and crisscross to stop a inch above from bottom of the hair. Take another two inch section near first braid to make another braid and secure the braid with elastic band.
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