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Loose Curls With Flat Iron


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Hairstyle with loose curls is one of the great ways of styling your hair. This type of hairstyle has been one of the hottest trends among teenagers with long hair. A flat iron can be a best tool to create this hairstyle at home to get a natural and carefree look.
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To begin the styling, first brush the hair to get rid of tangles. Then spread a little amount of thermal protectant serum all over the hair. Heat up the flat iron with a rounded barrel to a proper temperature. Take one inch section of hair to create loose curls or bigger section to create bigger curls. Start clamping the flat iron at the roots and slide the iron about two inches down. Place the flat iron in a vertical position and not in a horizontal one as it is used only for straightening. Twist the wrist until the flat iron turns back which should create a U-shape in this position. Keep the half-turn position and then slide the iron down the section until the ends of your hair comes through the plates. Take the iron down the section of hair for loose curls. You can pull the iron through your hair to create tighter and smaller curls. Continue this process until you create loose curls on all the sections that were divided earlier. Finally spread a lightweight curl cream all over the curls to create shine and definition to the hairstyle.
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