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Anna Paquin With French Roll


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Anna Paquin has got a hairstyle with a French roll that is one of the classic ways of styling your hair. This style is a perfect choice for special events like a wedding, but it is usually worn for casual and formal events. It can also be worn in various methods along with ends tucked inside or left cascading such as the curls. You may also wear any type of decorative hair pin and make sure to comb your hair before starting the hairstyling process. There are few celebrities who wear this hairstyle as it can make yourself look beautiful and unique. It is very easy to create this hairstyle by following this simple method.
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First wash your hair as usual and condition it in a simple way. Spread a generous amount of shinning serum all over the hair and then dry your hair with a round brush. Tease your hair on top back portion of your head to create a pouf and secure it in place using decorative accessories. Brush the hair at the back of your head and leave the front hair as it is. Now take your hair at the back and then twist it to hold it against the head. Secure your hair in place using bobby pins and continue the securing process until you reach top of the head. At last tuck the remaining hair under the twist or if you like leave few ends hanging around.
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