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Crossover Bun Hairstyle


crossover bun crossover bun2
Creating a hairstyle with a crossover bun can be very interesting. It is a very simple hairstyle that is usually created with the hair that is medium to long.
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Take a piece of hair in the front of your head that runs from the edge of left brow to the edge of right brow. Make sure it runs all the way back to the nape of your neck. Now take all of the hair in the section up at the crown and secure it with a hair tie to create a ponytail. The ponytail must be kept high on your crown and pieces at the side must be left down. Keep the ponytail at the hair tie and then push the hair tie within it to the right to secure it. Use other hand to take the end of the ponytail and then pull it towards left, up and around. Continue twisting your hair around until your create a bun and secure the bun in place by using a hair tie around it. If you find any loose hair around your hair, try to secure it with bobby pin. Now take the left piece that was left hanging earlier and send it across to the right of your head at a diagonal position. Next wrap the end of your hair around the bun and hold it with a bobby pin. Use the same process on the other side and keep the hair across to the left.
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