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Pin Curl Updo


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A pin curl updo is one of the most unique ways of creating a hairstyle. It is one of the stylish as well as low-maintenance hairstyle that is worn on top of your head apart from wearing them down all the time. It is a very easy hairstyle that can create with just few tools and right methods. You may also create elegant updos with the micro braids. Just follow these simple steps to get this style.
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To create this hairstyle, divide the hair down the middle of the head and at the back to create two sections. Then use both the sections to create a ponytail with a hair tie. Beginning from the left pigtail, take one inch section of hair and then wrap the end of the section around first two fingers to get a loop. Take the fingers which were used to hold loop. Start rolling the loop up at the back up toward the hair tie and then keep a bobby pin on the flat bottom of your hair roll. Do not secure the top of your roll down and continue to take one inch sections to create roll until all of the hair has been curled in the pigtail. Use the same method on the other part of the hair that was divided earlier. It can look very hard to achieve this type of hairstyle, but it can be easily created without any support from a hairstylist.
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