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Interlocking Braids


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Interlocking braids are usually created by braiding your natural hair and at the same time weaving extensions into the braid. It is also known as a tree braiding as the wearer will get the advantage of having longer hair which is affixed effectively to the natural hair. Make sure to apply a little amount of hair oil all over to create the hairstyling effectively.
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To create this type of hairstyle, first brush your hair to get rid of tangles and this will help to keep the braids even and neat. Take a section of hair at the scalp and hold the hair in place using hair clips. Get rid of hair clip from the section which will be braided first and create three equal parts in the section. Collect all your hair extensions and then take out three sections which are equal in size in three equal parts from your natural hair. Mix in the extensions with your natural hair and make sure to keep all the section even. Keep the extensions on top of three parts of your natural hair and start braiding. Create the braid by folding the right part on the middle part and left part on the new middle part. Continue the braiding process until the hair and extensions are completely braided. Secure the braid using small hair bands. Now work across the hair in front of the head and create similar braids which interlock the natural hair as well as extensions.
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