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Jamaican Hair Wrap


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A Jamaican hair wrap is an easy way of making lovely locks into silky and smooth hair wraps. It usually takes only few minutes to create and it can be substantially long lasting. There is a particular way of wrapping the hair which depends on the texture and length. Here is a simple process to wrap your hair in Jamaican style.
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To get this style, first deep condition the hair and try to work it all the way through the hair starting from the roots to the ends. Use large hot rollers to set the style after the roots are fully dry. This will help to add body and silky appearance to the hair. Then blow dry your hair fully and make sure to use the lowest possible heat setting to avoid damage to the hair. Take the rollers out after creating full bodied curls and rollers is also as a part of greater hair-smoothing process. Spread a deep, leave-in conditioner again all e hair and use the conditioner which is a dry-style leave-in conditioner. Now wrap the hair in plastic wrap and leave it to dry. Then swirl a plastic wrap around over your hair/upper forehead. Next use a hooded dryer to heat the plastic-wrapped hair for 20 minutes. Take the swirled wrap out to get a silky smooth hair and maintain the same texture for a long period of time, wrap the hair in a silk headscarf at before going to bed.
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