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Large Wavy Curls


large wavy curls large wavy curls2
Large wavy curls are usually created with the hair that is medium to long. This style can look playful and it is a perfect choice for date-night or casual wear at a family dinner. It can also make your hair look lovely. There are many women which also includes celebrities who like to wear this type of hairstyle. Just follow this simple process to get this hairstyle.
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To create this style, first you must get a layered haircut to begin the styling process. Then spread a little amount of volumizing mousse in your hand and apply it over the roots of your hair. Blow dry the hair and shake it while drying using your hands. Use a wide-barreled curling iron to curl your hair by sliding a section of two inch wide hair in between paddle and barrel. Now leave the hair in place and slide the curling iron till the end of your hair. Start twisting the barrel gently to wrap the hair around at least three or four times. Turn the barrel gently toward the back of your head and hold the curling iron for twenty seconds. Now take the hair to release the curling iron and take a new section to create another curl in your hair. Continue the curling process and avoid using a hair brush to comb the hair. Now you can arrange the curls in your hair using your fingers and sprtiz all over the hair light hairspray.
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