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Liberty Mohawk Hairstyle


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Liberty Mohawk is a very unique hairstyle that has a shaved head and a strip of hair in the middle. It was first associated with the punk rock and it has now become a very common style throughout the mainstream. This style is a combination of Mohawk and liberty spikes which has a row of spikes running down the center of your head.
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Begin the styling by shaving extra hair on the sides of your head using a hair clipper. Start lining the hair from the nose and eyebrows while cutting the hair. Next wash the hair with a shampoo to make it much easier to work and dry it with a towel. Start shaping a section of hair into a spike and then use a hair gel to do it. Work it from the bottom and up into the top. Blow dry the hair slowly and dry it for at least 30 seconds for better results. If you are planning to make the hair look unique dye the spikes with boxed hair dye products. You can mix the product with water with a conditioner to form a paste and apply it over your hair. Wash your hair in the morning and then spritz all over the hair with a hairspray and make sure that the hair stands up as straight as you like. Follow the same process to create spike all over your head and apply more hairspray or hair gel.
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