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Hip Shag Hairstyle


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A shag haircut usually has a very edgy and messy which can be styled in different ways. Hip shag is a part of a normal shag hairstyle that is created for a unique look. This style is created on a naturally straight hair to get a piecy look which is perfect for a shag haircut. There are different ways of having a shag haircut and you must be able to cut the hair by yourself or get help from a hairstylist.
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First brush your hair to get rid of all tangles and straighten it using a flat iron. Then spread a little amount of repairing lotion in your hands and apply it through your hair which will make the styling much easier. Use a razor comb at the bottom edge of your hair to thin the ends for a shaggy look. You can also cut off a little amount of length or simply cut the bottom half inch away. Take a half inch section of hair framing your face and leave the razor comb into the strand. Take the razor comb down and section of the hair for a shaggy layer. Use the same process on the other side of your face to make the layers frame the face and tapering down the natural length of the hair. Cut the layers which are scattered and razor comb the strand to make it short. At last apply a styling wax on the hair and shake it with your hands.
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