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Tracee Ellis Ross With Puffy Curls


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Tracee Ellis Ross has got puffy curls all over her head which gives a very unique look. This hairstyle can be very easily created on a naturally curly hair, but if you have straight or other types of hair you must spend a little more time. The curly hair is prone to frizz and flyaway which can give a thick as well as puffy look. This hairstyle may look very difficult to create, but it can be easily achieved which can also be easy to control. Just follow this simple method to create this style home.
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Start the styling process by washing and towel drying your hair. Then brush the entire hair to get rid of tangles and then create a normal side part. Spritz mist all over the hair with a heat defense product which will help your hair from heating tools. Then apply a generous amount of hair gel all over your hair to add the desired hold. Attach a diffuser to the blow dryer to dry the hair starting from the roots. Make sure to lift the roots with your fingers during the blow drying process. Next take a one inch wide section of hair and use the diffuser while scrunching the hair. At last mist all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray and keep away from the roots. Now gently divide the curls with your fingers and sprtiz the hair with a hairspray to create more hold.
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