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Hairstyle With Slick Ponytail


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A slick ponytail is a very simple hairstyle that is a perfect choice for a formal event. Hair is usually slicked-back into a ponytail to keep the hair away from your face. It is a perfect hairstyle for female cheerleaders and models who are planning to keep their hair away from the face. Here is a simple method that can followed to create this simple hairstyle at home.
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To create this style, first brush the entire hair to get rid of all dead hair and remove tangles. Comb your hair back from the face and use a flat iron with medium to high heat. Run the iron through your hair in two or four inch sections at the top by moving way to the back and sides. Make sure all of your hair is completely flat even at at the nape of your neck. Apply a quarter-sized dollop of gel in your hand and spread it through the hair. Comb the hair back using your hand and sides and hold the hair in place with hair elastic. Make sure there are no bumps before securing the hair. Pull the hair through the elastic and twist it by pulling the hair through until it becomes fully enough to hold the hair up. Spritz the hair with a hairspray including the roots near your face and neck. Comb the hair with your hand to make the stick the flyaways ion your head.
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