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Plaited Braid Hairstyle


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Plaited braid is a simplest way of braiding your hair which is a perfect choice for a formal event. There different braids available which can created easily at home, but this one needs help from another person. There are different celebrities who like wear this style as it can give a really great look.
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Begin the styling process by brushing through the hair to get rid of tangles. Then divide your hair into three sections such as A, B and C. Keep the section by holding it with a thumb and index finger of the left hand. Next reserve the other hair in other finger which will make the hair in your hands move naturally. Take the section B to hold it in place using the thumb and index finger of the right hand. Start crossing section A over the top of section B to create a visual order of sections B, A, C. Next cross section C over the top of section A to create a visual order of the sections B,C, A. Continue the crossing pattern and now you must think that your hair in terms of left, middle, right. Start crossing left-most section on top of the middle section and cross right-most section on top of the middle section. Repeat the crossing pattern from left over middle and right over middle till the end of your hair. Secure your braid by looping the hair elastic repeatedly until it is tight.
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