close crop hair 174x300 Close Crop Hairstyle close crop hair2 174x300 Close Crop Hairstyle
Close crop hairstyle is very much similar to the normal cropped hair. This style offers a little bit of variety which can change the hair as per your mood. Try to keep the hair two to three inches long on top of your head and shorter on the sides. Style the hair everyday using a flexible styling wax all over to maintain it properly.
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To get this hairstyle, brush the hair using a comb to detangle all the knots. Bend at the waist by sitting on a chair to make the head dip down towards the floor. Brush the front and back of the hair while and pull it together to hold it in place using your hands just like creating a ponytail. Use the hair shears to cut as much length off without putting it too close to the scalp and be careful with your fingers when cutting the hair upside down. Flip the hair in front of the mirror to examine the cutting as some pieces of hair may appear uneven or longer. Now cut our hair in a downward motion using the scissors and leave one inch of hair remaining. Cut the next section in the same manner and work around the sides of the head, crown and nape of your neck. You can also keep all the sections of your hair in the same length or make the sides shorter. Finally blow dry the hair and trim the hair that looks uneven.
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