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Hairstyle With Inverted braids


inverted braid inverted braid2
Inverted braids are very unique when compared to the normal braids as this one looks like it has been made from inside out. This style can help you hair to look more interesting as well as exciting. You must weave the strands of your hair in a particular way with the basic hair care products available in a store.
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First comb your hair with a hairbrush to remove the tangles and divide the top third of the hair into three strands. Hold two strands in your right hand and third strand in your left. Fold left strand in-between two right strands by keeping it underneath the other two. Now take two strands on far left back of your left hand and fold the remaining strand in the right hand in-between two in the left hand. Take two strands on far right back into the right hand and collect one inch part of hair from right side to add it into the strand positioned in the center of three. Try to fold the additional hair underneath the strands to get the inverted look of the braid. Start braiding the hair and keep the folded strand under the other two. Take one inch portion of hair from left side of the head to add it into the strand in the center of three and fold the extra hair under the strands like before. Use the same method till end of your braid and secure it with elastic hairband.
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