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Hairstyle With Multiple Streaks


multiple hair streaks multiple hair streaks2
Multiple Hair Streaks are very easy to create on any type of hair that is short, medium or long. There are different ways that can be followed to add streaks to the hair and before doing it you must select a color that can look perfect on your hair. Here is a very simple process for creating multiple hair streaks with foil strips and a rat-tail comb.
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To create this style, first take a sheet of foil about three inches wide and long to cover the hair length. Secure your hair on top of the head using hair clips or pins. Now mix the color as per the instructions mentioned on the package. Start the styling from bottom to the top of your head and make sure to remove one of the hair clips after the coloring process. Next go through the layer of your hair using the rat-tail comb and secure the hair that was gathered on top of the comb. Keep the hair on top of one on the foil sheet and brush the color. Fold outer edges of the foil strip on the color-coated hair and continue this process until you finish the coloring on desired number of hair strands. After the coloring process you may have to sit under a heat dryer for better results. Now you can rinse the hair after removing the foil sheets and weave through the layer of hair using a rat tail comb.
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