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Inverted French Braid


inverted french braid inverted french braid2
An inverted French braid is a great way of styling your hair as it involves an advanced technique with basic skills of French braiding. In this style, the sections of the hair will be braided under each other to get a relief-style effect when compared to a standard French braid where the sections will braided over each other. Here is s simple process that can used to create this hairstyle at home.
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It is very easy to achieve this hairstyle, make sure to begin the styling with a unwashed hair. First you must comb your hair to remove tangles and knots with a fine-tooth comb. Next divide the hair into four inch wide section above your forehead such as A, B and C. Now take the sections B and C between the index finger and thumb to a small section of hair from side to the section A. Take the section A under section C and include another piece of hair from side to section B, then move it under section A. Continue the process under and on each other. Braid down entire section of the hair at the back of your head until there is no hair left over to add into the main sections. Leave two to three inches of unbraided hair at the end and below the nape. At last collect the end of the braid using your fingers and secure it with non-rubber elastic just below the braid.
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