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Skin-Fade Haircut


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A skin-fade haircut is very much similar to a buzz cut and taper cut which can make you look completely different. In this style, the hair around your ears will be completely shaved and gradually get longer while moving to the top of the head. This hairstyle is usually created using electric hair clippers and settings are raised while moving on to the top of your head.
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Before getting this hairstyle, determine the size of the haircut as it should be around the head. Then include smallest clipper gate to electric clippers and trim the hair at an even length around the head including top, the sides and at the back. Take the clipper gate out and set the clippers with the lowest setting. Start shaving your hair at the back of your neck and trim hair behind your ears. Try to shave one inch of your hair directly above the ears and then set the clippers to the next setting level to trim half inch of hair above the shaved area. Change the clipper to middle setting to trim another half inch of hair above previous cut. Change clipper setting again to the fourth setting and use the same procedure to cut the hair. Change the clipper to the highest setting to make a final trim. Follow the same process to trim the hair on the other side of your head. Finally trim the hair in front of the head and uneven hairline with scissors.
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