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Flat Twist Braids


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Flat twist braids are very much similar to cornrows that are very popular in Africa and other parts of the world. It can be a best choice for those who have thick and curly hair as you can create neat, tighter braids. The most important thing to have while creating a flat twist braid is practice and patience. After mastering this hairstyle, it can be worn wear it with creative designs.
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To create this style, first brush the hair to get rid of tangles or mist the hair with a detangling solution. Create parting in the hair using a rattail comb an inch above the right ear. Continue parting in a straight line with the tail-end of the comb and sweep hair on either side which will be your first braid. Take a small section of parted row at the hairline and separate it into three to braid it as usual. Start braiding your hair way down the scalp and make sure you are taking the hair from parted row to add it to the braid. Continue the braiding as usual in case the hair goes beyond the nape of your neck. Try to curl the end of your braid around the finger to prevent it from unraveling and in case the hair is straight, secure it with a clip or elastic. Use the same process to braid the rest of the hair and make sure each of the section looks neat as well as uniform.
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