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Hairstyle With Up-Swept Chignon


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A up-swept chignon hairstyle is a sleek, beautiful and romantic way of styling your hair only for special events. Most of the celebrities prefer this type of hairstyle when they walk on the red carpet, though it may consume a little more time. Most of the up-swept hairstyles are considered to be sleek as well as romantic and the most liked one is this style. It is a little complicated hairstyle that can be created perfectly by a hair specialist. If you like to achieve this style at home, then try the following steps.
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Begin the hairstyling by straightening your hair using a flat iron and apply a shine-enhancing serum throughout the hair to avoid flyaways. Then divide the hair into three different sections. Brush the hair at the sides toward the back of your head and create a ponytail on the top back part of your head. Now take a section of your hair at the crown to create it into a large loop by making the ends to meet the rest of your hair in the ponytail. Smoothen your bangs and sweep them back by lining the loop and join it with the rest of your hair. All of your hair at the ponytail will be gathered together into one large chignon. Finally hide the ends underneath chignon by securing them in place. You can also add a decorative accessory on top of the chignon below the hair loop to make the hairstyle attractive.
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