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Ponytail With Elaborate Twist


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Creating a ponytail with elaborate twist can be a perfect choice for any special occasions. It is an elegant looking hairstyle that can be achieved without putting any effort. This style is a ponytail that is created with an elaborate twist or parting the hair down. It is very simple to get this style after twisting a section in the front of your hair and not anywhere else on the head. With regular practice, this hairstyle will consume less than a minute create it at home without getting any help.
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Begin the styling by parting the hair in the center and divide two centimeter-long diagonal section of hair from nape of the neck. Hold it at a right angle to the skull and continue to create new diagonal sections all the way up. Take the small triangle-shaped piece of the hair from center of your forehead and divide it into two equal sections. Start crossing the section in your left hand on the section in your right hand. Twirl the strand that is in the right hand over left part and then back under it. Continue the twisting process until you reach the end of the hair and keep the twisted ponytail over the center of your head. Create a diagonal part on your head from the temple back to the crown and secure it on top of your head. Take the clip that are holding the twisted section and wrap the ends around the ponytail.
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