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Zooey Deschanelhas With Slanting Bangs


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Zooey Deschanelhas got hairstyle with slanting bangs which can make you look beautiful. It is a simple style that can be achieved at home with the help from a friend. If you want to create it in its original shape, then get help from a hairstylist. There are many women who like to wear this type of hairstyle by creating it at home to save money as well as time.
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To get this hairstyle, first was your hair and keep it damp during the styling process which will make it easier to control the hair. Then make a side part on the right side or left side of the head. Try to separate a section of the hair at the part which was created which must continue across your hairline. Hold the rest of your hair in place with a hair pin or you can also create a ponytail. The hair will be falling in front of your eyes now which will be the front section of hair. Now use a blow dryer to dry the hair and then run a wide-barrel brush on the fringe section during drying process. Keep the hair away from side if you are going for the right-slanted bangs and pull the fringe section toward the left side. Keep the bangs in between the forefinger and middle finger at 45 degree angle for creating the slanted bangs. Start cutting the bangs as per your desire and comb it to a side.
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