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Single Afro Puff


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A single afro puff hairstyle easy and simple way of styling your hair. It is mostly liked by teenagers as it is a very unique looking hairstyle. Before creating this style, you must make sure that there is a good amount of length available on your natural hair. This style can be created within few minutes with some good practice. Here is a simple process that can be helpful in creating this style at home with few styling products.
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To get this hairstyle, first dampen hair which is around the front, sides and nape of your neck. Use a soft bristle brush to comb the around that is dampen and brush the front part towards the back of your head. Spread a hair gel to smoothen the hair which was brushed and try to keep the hair slicked down. Now use a scrunchi hair band and then double it for creating two loops. Stretch the band over the head just like a headband and take front pieces of the hair band to push it over the hair. Use the same method on part of the band at the back and then push it up against back of the head. Try to push the head band at a position that you like to create the puff. At last take the brush and slick back the hairs that are messy around the edges. You can also apply a little amount of hair gel only if required.
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