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Streaked Ponytail


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Creating a streaked ponytail can look very attractive on anyone who wears it with a long hair. To get this style you must make sure that length of the hair at least medium to long. This hairstyle is mostly liked by kids and there are many women who like to style their hair in this way as it can give a great look. It can be a perfect choice for a Crazy Hair Day which gives an opportunity for the child to have a different hairstyle. Here is a simple and easy method to create this hairstyle at home without getting any help from a hairstylist.
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It is very easy to achieve this hairstyle, first you must section the hair into two equal parts and divide each of them into two equal parts making a total of four parts. In each of the parts you must be able to divide the hair into many sections to create a small ponytail. Hold the hair in place using a small, elastic band and mist the hair with a colored hair spray to make each ponytail as a bright streak. This process may take time depending upon the length of the hair and how long your hair is. You must also section the hair into ten different ponytails and then streak each one using a hair spray. There are many people who like to create streaks with different colors to make it look completely unique.
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