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Hairstyle With Pixie Braids


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Pixie braids are mostly worn by African-American women and it will be having hundreds of individual braids. The braids will be about 6-24 inches in length and it is the best choice to keep the hair healthy. This hairstyle is very much popular among black women who try to grow their real hair. Just follow these steps to create this hairstyle.
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Start the styling by washing the hair and brush the hair from hairline to nape of your neck. Then create a part in the scalp which should be a size of the circumference of a pencil. Use synthetic hair weave which matches in size to the part and try bulk hair weave. The bulk hair weave will have no track and it is also free flowing which is perfect for braids. Braiding weave is very long process as it will be 4-6 feet in length. Make sure, how long you want to keep the braids and the braids which extend beyond your mid-back avoid cutting it. If you are planning to have, then you must separate the weave. Now bend your hair weave in half and tightly wrap the bent area around the area of your scalp in the place where the part was made. Start braiding your hair from root to tip and singe the ends using a lighter to prevent flyaways. Next create another part in the scalp and use the same process which was used earlier to create the braids.
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