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Hilary Duff With Informal Bun


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Hilary Duff has got a simple hairstyle which is known as an informal bun and it is a perfect choice for a long hair. This hairstyle is also a perfect choice to keep your hair away from the nape during a warm or hot weather. It can also look good and tidy as there are many people who like to wear this style. There are also many celebrities who prefer this style as it can be easily created. It is also considered as a more relaxed hairstyle that is created easily than other similar hairstyles. Here is a simple method that can be used to create this style.
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To create this hairstyle, wash the hair with a shampoo and dry it normally. Next brush your hair to prevent tangles and then create a side part. Take all of your hair to form a ponytail with the left hand and keep your hair smooth on the head by just combing it. Rake the hair from front of the head and take it at the middle of your nape. Start to twist your hair with the right hand and go till the end of the hair. Hold the base of your ponytail and then wrap your twisted hair around the base for creating loop in between the left hand and head. At last send your hair through the loop and pull it slightly tight. Then tuck the loose ends of the hair outside the loop and secure it using hairpins.
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