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Retro Bob Hairstyle


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A bob is a very simple hairstyle that has been worn by most of the women since the 1920s. It can be worn in different ways and one of such style is a retro bob. This hairstyle can be dressed up using proper styling tools and products. There are two methods that can be used to create a retro bob which is shorter hair and longer hair.
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It is easy create a retro bob with the hair that is longer than chin-length, first spread a curl-enhancing cream all over your hair after washing and towel drying the hair. Then blow-dry the roots at the top of your head with a round brush and create a back and forth motion starting from side to side on top of the head. Continue the blow-drying process all over the hair and avoid using the round brush at the other part of your hair. Scrunch your hair between the fingers for creating waves and divide the hair on the top of the head for making a deep part. Start curling your hair from the middle section till the ends and avoid curling the hair at the roots to create a retro look. Separate the curls using a fine-toothed comb after curling the entire hair and leave the hair behind your ear on the opposite side of the deep part. At last mist all over the hair with a shine hair spray to end the styling process.
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