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Catherine Bell With Lifted Bob


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Catherine Bell has got a lifted bob hairstyle that is a perfect choice for the hair that is short and straight. A standard bob is a classic as well as versatile hairstyle that is available with different variations and a lifted bob is one among them that can be worn straight, spiky, messy and wavy. A normal bob usually frames the face that is perfect only for narrow wider faces and soften angular faces. To create a super-straight and sleek look, this one can be a perfect choice. Just follow these steps to create this style.
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Begin your styling process by washing the hair with a volumizing shampoo and condition the ends as usual. Now detangle the hair using a wide-tooth comb and then leave your hair to dry naturally. Spritz all over the hair which is slightly damp with a styling spray and blow dry the hair by setting the hair dryer on medium. Next tease your hair using a large, vent brush for adding more volume to the hair and gently pull it up as well as back of the head. After the hair becomes fully dry, you must create a deep side part. Start wrapping one inch sections of the hair with small Velcro rollers and hold the rolling halfway to your scalp. Mist the ends of your hair using a fine-mist hairspray and then remove the rollers after 15 minutes. Finally style the hair with your fingers to make it look natural.
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