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Short French Braid


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Most of the women think that a French Braid can be created only when the hair long, but this style can be achieved even when the hair is short. A short French Braid can be created by adding extra effort which is bobbed as short as ear-lobe level. There are many celebs who wear this hairstyle very often as it can give great look. Just follow this method to create this style at home without any difficulty.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair and keep it damp which will make it easier to manage. Comb your hair thoroughly which will make it tangle-free hair. Separate the hair into three sections near the temple and the sections can also be on the side of your head, but make sure they are next to each other. Start braiding the sections together and very time you take a section of hair at the middle, try to add more hair from back on the head. In this way, the braid will travel around the head and avoid it from running out of hair while creating the braid. Use a rubber band to hold the hair in place and stop it when you reach the back of your head. At last sprtiz the hairstyle with a hairspray which will smooth down the loose ends and also keep the braid in place for a long time. You can also mist the braid intermediately throughout the hair during the styling process.
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