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Reverse French Braid


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A reverse French braid is one of the variations in the normal French braid that can be created to achieve a unique look. There are different variations available in a French braid, but this one can look very interesting on anyone who wears it. If you are very good at creating a traditional French braid, then you may have spend some more time in creating this style. But with good practice, this hairstyle can be achieved in time of a standard braid.
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To create this style, first pull the hair back from the temples to create a ponytail. Make sure your hair is little bit damp and there are no tangles. Secure the ponytail tightly against your head with a rubber band. Divide the ponytail into three equal sections by running one hand through from your head till the end of your ponytail. Start crossing the right section under center section making the center as the right section and right becoming the center. Take left section of the hair and cross it under new center section. Continue this process all the way down the entire length of your braid by crossing right section under middle and the left section under the middle. In case there are few loose strands, you can grab your strand with the section that was currently crossing under start the braiding process again. Finally secure the end of the hair with a rubber band or hold in place using a bobby pin.
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