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Inverted Bob With Clippers


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An inverted bob hairstyle can be created in different ways and one of the most simple is using clippers. You can create sloping bob or an extreme bob with a shaved nape as well as plunging slopes with the clippers. An inverted bob hairstyle achieved using clippers will fall into the extreme category and cropped nape which will create a perfect starting point for severe angles associated with this cut.
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To get this style, first create an A-shaped part at back of the head and leave your hair on the inside of A as it is. Use size four clipper guards with the clippers to shave off the hair that is hanging at the nape of the neck. Take out the clips and then damp he hair using a spray bottle. Brush the hair straight down and carve out vertical parting half inch thick from the crown of your head till the shaved portion of hair. Snip the half inch thick section of your hair parallel with floor just below the start of shaved portion. Start working on one side of your head and carve out one inch vertical sections. Brush the hair to the center-back of your head and cut all sections at this point. Also cut both sides of your head with the same process. Brush your hair straight down and check the line that was created by the snips. At last trim the hair that is long along the line using the scissors.
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